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August 13 2017

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i put jergens natural glow on one part of my arm to see what would happen and now i regret it

Wow she really needs to shave her legs

im a fucking man #whyineedfeminism

I just need whatever u put on your arm… I don’t tan at all… Ever.

i literally said what it was

this post is such a fucking mess

Is no one going to talk about the perfect rectanglular shape this thing makes on her arm

i literally said i was a man already why is this still happening

August 12 2017

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this is my favourite poem

Reposted bypkz451 pkz451




The Yamazaki MV except all Yongguk’s scenes are with him dressed up in a bowling pin outfit



this is what ur asking for. this is it.

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When all is done and slapped

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does anyone ever do the opposite of dissociate?? where youre just suddenly and uncomfortably aware of your situation and reality 

more to the point why do i get that feeling when im sitting on top of my kitchen table watching a velveeta mac and cheese pack spin in the microwave for three and a half minutes and im just like I Exist I Am Here And Theres Nothing I Can Do About It 

okay this one wins, everyone can stop reblogging this now 

I fucking love this post,

August 11 2017

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dashboard what have you done

August 10 2017

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Such little cuties!

Plus, Donnie’s little ‘ponder face’ is so adorable!

It’s awesome how their personalities show as Splinter is naming them….Donnie with his pondering look, Mikey being silly sticking out his tongue, Raph with that mischievous smirk, and Leo with that boy scout smile.

I know, right? So cute!

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B.A.P - OFFICIAL FANCLUB BABY 4 Recruitment 170809 


I’m a dumbass but at least I’m gay





My dad still hasn’t gotten an answer back about his disability and I’m not sure what to do. We have to pay the mortgage bill and I cannot do it right now. As soon as he gets on disability this will no longer be a problem but I need help again and I know it’s a lot but anything will help. The bill is $634. I’m really sorry to bug about this and I feel bad doing this when another mod is doing her college donations posts but I really need help. 

My paypal.

I’m currently down to $563 thanks everyone who has helped and to those who aren’t familiar with my situation let me explain. 

I moved in with my dad to help him get clean from drugs & alcohol but not long after he completely lost his vision. He is no longer able to work, drive, and he’s still having a lot of difficulties around the house because of his vision loss. We immediately went to get him on disability and he was denied, denied again, and now this time around it’s taking forever to hear a decision. 

We knew this would take a while which is why we did this ASAP but he ran out of the little bit of money he had saved pretty quickly and then took out of his 401K to get a bit more. Luckily, the disability office sent us to a state doctor right around the time he completely ran out of money which was farther than we ever got on our last applications. The doctor said that there’s no doubt that my dad is blind and it will not get better and he’s not a candidate for surgery. He said he should for sure get approved soon. 

However, this is still taking too long and we’ve now gone through two bill cycles while waiting. I work and help him and we were generally fine when he had some money in the bank but now it’s 100% on me until he gets approved. I’m confident that they will reach us soon with the decision but I just need a little help until then. I know it’s a lot of money to ask for help with but I really don’t know what to do. 

Down to $492. 

Oops i just realized i wrote $492, I’m actually down to $392. My bad.

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uhhhhhhh so anyways here’s my totally unique and original human headcanons for the turtles. completely sincere and heartfelt designs made by me.

obviously this is how the tmnt look bc mikey is a sweet sunchild and therefore is obvi blonde

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