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February 07 2018


The most relatable moment from spongebob for me is when he went over to Sandy’s house for the first time and was too polite and socially nervous to tell her he was slowly dying

for anyone who needs it today


All Star Man supports you

February 06 2018



this is honestly one of my all tim favorite hsitorical pictures because of the three dudes that are just LOSING it in the front

A good sax solo be like that.






“I’ve NEVER. Eaten a DONUT. In my ENTIRE LIFE. And I’m NOT. About to start NOW.

-Crazy customer I had today, upon being offered a complimentary donut

Why is this a real thing that happened in the real world what’s the meaning of this

I’m just gonna copy paste the story here from discord because honestly the whole story is worth hearing

so lady comes through drive thru.
“Hi what can I get for you?”
“A sesame bagel with extra cream cheese.”
“A sesame bagel with extra cream cheese, sure no problem, can I get you anything else today?”
“Alright, you can pull up”
and I just hear this quiet disgrunted “ ‘Please’ ?”

I’m like uhhhhh, was that even directed at me, I don’t know, I don’t know how to respond to that so I just ignore it like I didn’t hear it. I go up to the window and see this woman, which she honestly looked like a tomato with messy gray hair. Before I have the window halfway open I see her roll her eyes at me so I’m like oh boy here we go, time to put on the stupid sweet customer voice

“Hi how are you today?”

She hands me the money for her bagel and goes “Just a tip. It’s ‘Please pull up to the window.’ not ‘pull up.’ I found that incredibly rude.”

I go “I’m sorry about that, I didn’t intend for that to be rude, I just meant that it was okay to pull up to the window now.”
“I know what you meant. But it was rude.”
“Well, I apologize. Here’s your bagel, have a great day.”
She goes “I’m a MYSTERY SHOPPER.” (If you don’t have Mystery shoppers where you are, it’s kind of like undercover boss where the store owner hires someone through the Mystery shopper program and they place a regular order just to make sure people are following policy)
I’m like “… ok”

So I’m about to tell my boss and coworker what just happened when she comes in. And I jump to the front counter because no way I’m letting her talk to my boss before I do.

“Hi, can I help you?”
“Yes. This bagel was supposed to be NOT toasted. You toasted it.”
“Ohh, I’m so sorry about that! I didn’t hear that. I’ll make you a new one right now.”
Coworker beats me to the bagel and I say “A little extra cream cheese on that.”
She looks at my boss “She just said a LITTLE cream cheese. I wanted EXTRA cream cheese.”
Boss goes “Oh, she said a little extra cream cheese.”

Boss goes into kiss ass mode as well and says, “I’m sorry about the mistake, would you like a donut?”
Lady goes “I’ve never. Eaten a donut. In my ENTIRE LIFE. and I’m NOT. About to start NOW.”
Boss is like “… ok” and we’re all internally going sdhakgsdgkja?

So we get the bagel out and she says to my boss
“And I have one more thing to say.” She leans in with a sneer. “Mystery shopper.”
boss goes “We don’t do that here.”
yea you do.”
“No we don’t.”
yea you do.”
“Have a good day.”

Basically we’re pretty sure the lady was crazy and she was absolutely lying because Mystery shoppers are not allowed to tell you that they’re mystery shoppers, and they aren’t allowed to coach you. And even if she was, “please” is not one of the things they look for. They look for a Greeting, whether or not you repeated the order and the price back, and whether or not you upsold. We haven’t participated in the program in over 7 years.

I work in a bakery and a customer came in and asked for a sausage roll, which is a sausage, rolled in flaky pastry, and they are normally 49p each.

I told him he could get four for £1 because we had a deal on and he looked me dead in the eye and said “what the fuck kind of person do you think I am…” then turned around and walked back out the shop.


not to be a sjw but it’s nice to be kind




TIL, the unconfirmed record for fastest moving manmade object is a manhole cover propelled by a nuclear detonation. A high-speed camera trained on the lid caught only one frame of it moving upward before it vanished—which means it was moving about 125,000 miles per hour


I’m reblogging myself because I read the source. The lead scientist involved theorized that it was going fast enough that A) it would not have burnt up in our atmosphere, and B) it would not have been caught in Earth’s orbit. Essentially meaning, the first man made object launched into space was a manhole cover that’s still traveling the cosmic abyss.

  • YEET


Just saying “I don’t watch TV” sounds pretentious, but there’s a big difference between “I don’t watch TV because I feel that the entertainment of the common masses is beneath me”, and “I don’t watch TV because I’m too busy marathoning YouTube videos of a guy 100% clearing Super Mario 64 without pressing the A button”.











sometimes an acapella group is just you and your 5000 force-vision clones


who are they

this is he

Since some of you haven’t seen this somehow.  pls enjoy Weird Al 

Don McLean, the original singer of “American Pie” (I mention this because some of y'all apparently don’t recognise Weird Al in an Obi-Wan Kenobi costume so who knows what other gaps there are in your education), has said that sometimes when singing the song live he starts to think of the Star Wars version of the lyrics.
A fun challenge is to sing the Star Wars lyrics AT THE SAME TIME as the original song plays in the car.

ok but if you haven’t heard it you’re ALSO unaware of the fact that he wrote it before the movie came out based entirely on internet spoilers.

in 1999.

he may actually be a jedi.

He spent a fantastic sum to buy a test screening ticket to verify the song, and only had to change one lyric.

I have never heard anything so perfect!

Weird Al is an american treasure, and I will absolutely fight anyone who disagrees.



Last night I discovered that William Shakespeare named his son Hamnet and I feel like this is an awful secret I shouldn’t know


*died at age 11* *has a beard and mustache*


gundam looks sweet except

optimus prime demands oranges






other autistics: we should strive to make allistic people realize we’re not so different from them and that we have just as many hopes and dreams as they do!!

me, a bitter autistic:

Don’t use made up words.

Which words in this post are made up, exactly?

Allistic. I’ve never heard it used before ergo it can’t possibly exist.

It do.



whats agriculture


4877 af7e


hold my hand, please ;;u;;

Gaumont prepares to unleash Usagi



Looks like Usagi is getting his own tv show.

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