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July 16 2017


reblogging cool art and then realizing it’s an unsourCED REPOST

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Fan: Oppa, it’s because of you i can’t find any boyfriend. What should i do?

Yongguk: Don’t you have me?

(cr: 话唠少年陈狗蛋) (translation)

July 15 2017

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not to sound too millennial here but it annoys me so much when I’m at a restaurant and someone I’m with will complain about the service being slow like buddy pal it’s fine it’s not that important

You didn’t waited 40 minutes for a dinner before haven’t you?

i have but i also have, like, real problems

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텀블러 들어올때마다 고통뿐이야

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Images You Think Are Romani


Hint: they are not.


[image description: young woman with dark, wavy hair playing a drum while seated on the street]

Commonly labeled as a “Romani street musician”, this image is of Michal Elia Kamal. She is part of the musical group, “Light in Babylon”; a multi-ethnic and multicultural band. Kamal, however, is not Roma, as many have labeled her on the internet. She was born in Israel, but has Iranian roots.


[image description: a woman with dark hair and green eyes, wearing a headscarf and several items of jewelry, is drinking from a cup]

I’ve seen this image labeled on Pinterest as everything from “Gypsy” to Romanian, to Moroccan, to Ethiopian. However, this woman is none of those things. The image was taken by Mirjam Letsch in Rajasthan, India and is of a Kalbeliya woman. The Kalbeliya are not Roma, and thus, not “Gypsy”.


[image description: a barefoot, light skinned child with short, red hair is wearing a bindi, several varying styles of South Asian garb, and has a floral scarf tied around her waist. There is a White man playing what appears to be a sitar seated behind her.]

This image irks me for numerous obvious reasons. Not only are the individuals pictured here White, but they belong to a belly-dance troupe called “Gypsy Horizon”, which is run by Carrie Jenkins and based in Anchorage Alaska. This image, along with the numerous others on their website, is filled with cultural appropriation and racist stereotypes.


[image description: a young woman with dark hair and a cross shaped marking on her forehead is wearing several layers of gold coins around her head and neck]

This image is so pervasively labeled as “Romani” and “Gypsy” that many truly believe this is a vintage photograph of a young Roma woman. However, this photo was actually taken in Tunisia by Lehnert & Landrick in 1905. The image is actually of a Ouled-Naïl woman; an ethnic group who live primarily in Algeria.


[image description: a woman with dark curly hair seats posed for a photograph while wearing large hoop earrings, several layers of necklaces, an Eastern European styled shirt, and a floral scarf around her waist.]

Talk about stereotypes. This is actually an actress named Jetta Goudal. She was a Jewish Hollywood actress who was born in Amsterdam. This photograph is from her role as a “Gypsy” in the movie, The Road to Yesterday. She is not actually a Romani woman.


[image description: a young girl dressed in traditional Hungarian clothing is smiling]

This photograph is not of a Romani child; it is of a Hungarian child. The original photograph can be viewed on the photographer blog, which is labeled on the image itself. According the the photographer, this image was taken during the Csíksomlyó Pilgrimage; a religious pilgrimage of ethnic Hungarians to Şumuleu Ciuc, a Catholic church located in Romania.


[image description: three women are seated, each wearing numerous pieces of jewelry, including several rings on each hand, and headscarves adorned with gold coins.]

This is commonly labeled as either Romani or “Gypsy”, but in actuality, this is Rachel Brice, Jill Parker, and Rose Harden. All of these women are White and belong in the belly-dance troupe “Ultra Gypsy”. Rachel Brice is notorious for her cultural appropriation and stereotypes. If you check out this link, you can see more images of the trio that are also sometimes mislabeled as Romani.


[image description: a woman is posed wearing cultural jewelry items, which include several bracelets, two necklaces and hair adornments]

This is Armenian. This woman is not Roma, not “Gypsy”; she is Armenian. This image is of an Armenian woman wearing Armenian clothing and Armenian jewelry. There is nothing “Gypsy” about it.


[image description: a group of women dressed in long skirts, vests, headscarves and varying amounts of jewelry are dancing]

Possibly the worst offender: this image is so often mislabeled as “Romani” that I’ve actually seen it on a Romani-related Wikipedia page. Let’s make something clear about this particular photograph; it is of a White dance troupe who call themselves “Shuvani Romani Kumpania” and perform their idea of “Gypsy” dance at Medieval themed festivals. None of the women in this group are actually Roma, yet their [mis]appropriation of our language has led many to believe they are. “Shuvani” is a word that was lifted from Raymond Buckland’s book, The Gypsy Witch. Raymond Buckland is well known among Roma as having been a fraud; he was not actually Roma [he had distant ancestry] nor was he raised with Romani cultural traditions or language. The word he meant to use was “chovexani” [pronounced: chhoveykhahnyee], which means “witch”. “Kumpania” [pronounced: koompahneeyah] is the word for a group of related Romani families who live, travel or work together. It can be loosely translated to mean “extended family” because that is, in a nutshell, what it means. So, this group of White women not only dress up like “Gypsies” for fun, but misuse our language in an attempt to seem more “authentic”.

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This is our life now.

petition: Arkansas: Don't Force Women to Get Their Rapists' Consent for an Abortion



Your body, YOUR choice. Not anyone else’s! 

Forcing you to get consent from your rapist and/or abusive partner is particularly cruel, but this law is outrageous even if your partner is someone you’re in a loving, healthy, committed relationship with. And what happens if you don’t know which of your partners’ sperm resulted in your pregnancy?? What if your partner has since passed away? Or is in a coma? Or otherwise unreachable? 

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What if Joey was president?

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I meant to do a post about this last week but I forgot. I wanted to mention that this summer has not been kind to R-rated comedies in the box office. From Amy Schumer’s Snatched so Scarlett Johansson’s Rough Night to The Rock’s Baywatch to Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler’s The House majority of R-rated comedies have flopped in the box office this summer.

Not only did all those films fail in the box office they were review poorly by the critics.

Girl’s Trip it’s currently sitting at 100% at Rotten Tomatoes and is being released tomorrow night. Just wanted to send a reminder out there for everyone to go support this film especially if you want to see more films revolving around black women.


July 14 2017


you know what Really flips my pancakes?? what really bothers me on a spiritual level?? When people want to make porn of a character who canonically has No Genitals or Weird Genitals and just,,,,, slaps a dong on them!!!!! in art or fic just! I’ve seen too many skeletons and transforming car robots that inexplicably have dicks and im really disapppointed about it because if you Want Tp Fuck A Skeleton, or a car, or the crab from moana, or whatever it is you want to fuck, youre already way outside the realm of normality, ok, why not find some inventive way for them to get it on!! just throwing a wiener on it and calling it a day is not only a boring copout but frankly creatively bankrupt and i won’t stand for it anymore!!!


imagine bumping into 2007 you at the mall

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I am 1000% here for this. Please make this happen.

I support! I’m so down for this!!!

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He’s so gentle ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

And ever so gently telling them what to do lol

Nuns build chapel in proposed pipeline's path



From the order’s website:

Whereas, we Adorers of the Blood of Christ believe creation is a revelation of God, we proclaim that:

As Adorers, we honor the sacredness of all creation; we cultivate a mystical consciousness that connects us to the Holy in all of life.

As women, we celebrate the rhythms of creation; with Mother Earth we live the  Paschal Mystery of life, death and new life and, with others, preserve and nurture creation.

As students of Earth, we listen intently to Earth’s wisdom; we respect our interconnectedness and oneness with creation and learn what Earth needs to support life.

As prophets, we reverence Earth as a sanctuary where all life is protected; we strive to establish justice and right relationships so that all creation might thrive.

As leaders, we know our choices impact our interdependent Earth community; we initiate broad-based participation to make decisions focused on our common good.

As advocates of Earth, we choose simple lifestyles that avoid excessive or harmful use of natural resources; we work in solidarity with all creation for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

As companions with creation, we enjoy and share its bounty gently and reverently; we seek collaborators to help implement land use policies and practices that are in harmony with our bioregions and ecosystems.

As co-creators, we participate in God’s dream for Earth; we offer new visions and vistas that expand consciousness and encourage creative expression.

As ASC community, we treasure land as a gift of beauty and sustenance; we see it as a legacy for future generations.


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You didn’t need your heart today, right? Good.

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who needs a splenda daddy

Reposted bycvc cvc
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Bigger anime girl appreciation post

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